Specializing in aircraft parts and airframe structures, A & M manufactures parts and components made from steel, aluminum, and titanium. These are the most demanding materials to machine.

A & M is equipped with high speed and standard CNC machines, multi and single spindle, with 3, 4 and 5 axis capabilities. We have successfully manufactured large, complex parts as well as mid-sized and smaller, highly detailed components for airframe manufacturers worldwide.

Many aerospace companies choose us as a long-term, sole-source contractor. A & M has built our 50 year reputation by living up to the company mission of on-time delivery at competitive prices. By keeping our customers' satisfaction in mind every step of the way, we're able to exceed all needs, expectations and requirements. Ultimately, it is our goal to continue to be the premier aerospace integrator able to deliver, support, and invest in our customers' future.
A & M Engineering - History
Our founder, Boris Beljak Sr., was born in Yugoslavia and immigrated to the United States at the early age of 21. After escaping into Canada with the balance of his Yugoslavian Olympic rowing team in 1952 Boris was lucky enough to visit the United States. Through some mutual friends he visited California where he fell in love with the weather, the lifestyle and the growing opportunities present in the then burgeoning state.

Early on he worked as a machinist in a small machine shop. At the time, producing metal parts to exacting standards required a very steady hand and a creative mind. Boris, taping into his natural talents and his strong work ethic, excelled in this occupation. Others noticed his exceptional coordination and he became a successful self taught machinist and a valuable employee.

This career change from a young athlete to a skilled employee marked his emergence into the private sector. He worked in the trade for a number of years and eventually started his own company A & M Engineering in 1962. For over 40 years A&M operated from a facility in Burbank, eventually settling in Irwindale with the purchase of the property on Salvatiera Street in 1991.

Over the years, A&M has been setting the standards for excellence in the manufacture of aircraft components . Responding successfully to the needs of major aircraft manufacturers, airframe contractors, and military suppliers with our involvement in many notable programs. Now, 50 years later, A&M remains a family owned and managed company that provides its customers with successful results and a partnership in the development of modern aircraft components.
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